How To Become An Eidolon Hunter

So, you want to know how to become Eidolon Hunter. Follow the below steps carefully and you will be Eidolon Hunter. Amazing Isn’t it?

Ok, here we go. First of all to become Eidolon Hunter you need to complete The war Within Quest in order to become Eidolon Hunter.


Go to your operator and check there focus school and you will see Blazing Dash and click on that.



It says “Seek out the Quills to attain further power”. Go there and the below indicated area on right top as seen in below picture


Once you reach to that place. Go close to the door as seen below, and you can only open this door by going to operator mode.


Now go inside and talk to this guy,


And that is how you can become hunter. Now go back to your orbiter and check the focus school and now you are Eidolon Hunter. Congrats!!


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