How to create CS 1.6 server and make yourself Admin

In this article we will show you how to create CS 1.6 server and how can you make yourself Admin of that server.

You can easily show your server on LAN by using GARENA +. You can download it from  , it allows you to enhance your gaming by playing games with the players coming from all over the World.


You have to follow the following steps to show your server on LAN;

1-Go to GARENA GAME SETTING from any Room where you want to show  your server



2-     A dialog Box will appear , search in the Directories where u have install Game and Select HL or HLDS because both them can only show your server on LAN



3-1.       If you select HL you can simple create server by starting your game Manually but if you chose HLDS you have to go into your server by simply starting your game (without garena) and you have to made yourself admin on the DEDICATED server or RCON password to handle it.


Put your RCON password by using following command rcon_password “PASSWORD” in your console (Remember you have to open your game simply i.e without GARENA)


Now , you are ADMIN on your server and can use every command of an ADMIN just you have to write “RCON” before every command etc to kick , ban , change map or to restart your server e.g rcon change level or rcon sv_restart 1


You can also add your friends or anyone as ADMIN by giving him your servers RCON PASSWORD.

Thank you for reading this.If you find any problem regarding this article you can comment below.


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