E02-How to setup Java JDK

In this article we will setup our computer for java development kit. It is very easy to setup java development kit software. All you need to do is follow the following steps,


  1. Go to google and type download java jdk, Click on the link provided by oracle. Oracle is the biggest user &Untitled.png consumer of java.









2. Now click on the Jdk download button as you can see below,



3. A New page will open accepts the terms & conditions & select on OS type to download jdk,


4. After download follow the easy steps install and re-install your laptop. To check if java development kit has been installed successfully in your laptop or not. After restarting, Click on windows and type/search for cmd. In cmd type javac and press enter if the jdk is installed sucessfully,  it will show & display huge detail about java as shown below,



5. If it says that java isn’t locate able. You need to delete the jdk by going to add or remove program and re-install it again.

6. Go to C:Program files/java folder and you will see either one or two folders named as java jdk and java jre. Both of these folders will be used in our next session.

5If you don’t find jre folder in your program file. Follow step no. 2 and download separate jre setup to install it.



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